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Leonard M. Lopoo

Welcome to the Center for Policy Research. CPR has a long and distinguished history within the Maxwell School dating back to 1961 with the start of the Metropolitan Studies program.

Today, CPR’s primary goal is to bring scholars from across the Maxwell School, those with different disciplinary perspectives and training, to conduct research that addresses our most pressing social concerns. We believe this interdisciplinary approach can provide the most comprehensive assessment of many social problems thereby serving as a resource to policymakers, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Senior research associates are experts in the fields of public finance, urban and regional economics, sociology, and demography. Policy foci include education, taxes, social welfare, the environment and housing. We also have a team of talented econometricians who not only conduct their own cutting edge research, but are also important collaborators on a large number of CPR research projects.

Annually, CPR fosters research and disseminates information through our lecture series, faculty workshops, lectures, publications and presentations. We also have a strong graduate student community where students are trained and contribute to this collaborative environment. I encourage you to peruse our website and register to receive information from CPR through our publications and social media.

Leonard M. Lopoo
Professor, Public Administration and International Affairs
Maxwell Advisory Board Professor of Public Policy
Director, Center for Policy Research

Center for Policy Research
426 Eggers Hall